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Digital wealth management services
Welcome To Your Trading Framework

A wealth of resources to improve trading skills and further knowledge of the Crypto, Forex and Stock Markets. Learn and practice any trading strategy. We guide users on safely saving, investing, trading and transacting Bitcoin and reputable cryptocurrencies.


Through awareness, education and ongoing support we aim to empower users, communities, business ventures and enterprises while enabling innovation, emerging tech, digital assets and the enterprise blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

We guide users on safely saving, investing, trading and transacting Bitcoin and reputable cryptocurrencies. Get the right information to help you invest for the long term or trade short-term strategies.

Learn the best way to buy crypto and take custody of your coins. If you don't own your key, you don't own your Bitcoin! Accept Bitcoin on your website, via email, in store. Get paid directly into your own hardware wallet or any other wallet of your choice. 

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Use your crypto as collateral. Rates as low as 4.5% APR. Wealth Management products with BlockFI as featured on Bloomberg, CNBC and Forbes. Clients use crypto-backed loans to do anything from paying off credit card debt to buying a home. There are many advantages to borrowing instead of selling, including tax benefits.

By saving your Bitcoin or digital assets offline, in a hardware wallet, you eliminate the risk of your assets being hacked, restricted or frozen. Hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger are noted as the most trusted hardware wallets in the industry. These devices enable you to really own your bitcoin, as long as you own your seed and keep it safe. 

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Progressive training program for students to learn, quickly but correctly, to execute the strategy and acquire the operational, tactical and psychological skills necessary to become a consistent and profitable day trader.

Trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be risky but rewarding. Kraken has consistently been rated the most secure digital asset exchange. You can trade with a vast range of cryptocurrencies. Voted leader in euro volume since 2013. Trade Kraken Futures with up to 50x leverage.

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Swan is a great way to buy Bitcoin with easy recurring buys weekly, every paycheck, or monthly for as little as $5. Available in the USA.. Take advantage of dollar cost averaging. See how much Bitcoin you would have earned if you would have invested a small amount of Bitcoin weekly, years ago. 

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Become a Crypto Consulting Affiliate, promote and earn a passive income! Cryptoside and partners offer, online courses, consulting services throughout all stages of the systems lifecycle and enterprise blockchain. Services include trading, market analysis tools, data integration, systems implementation hyper-ledger fabric, blockchain framework design, business process optimisation, data migration, build, test and deployment strategies. 

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