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The Trading Model

When you join TradingFrame, you’ll get access to everything you need: Trading CapitalTrainingTechnologySupport.

When you are ready to start trading, we give you access to our Trading Capital and let you trade at your own pace.

Qualified traders can trade up to $500K for NYSE (AMEX), NASDAQ or other markets and $5M for the Forex Market. Traders keep up to 90% of the profits generated.


We are a different type of company. Unlike brokers and other trading companies, our revenue model does not depend on commissions. This model allows us to make a profit only when our traders make a profit. 

Trading Framework
Wealth Management and Portfolio Growth

Learn how the pros make money in any market...and how you can too! Our Day Trading Training Program will teach you exactly how to start trading. For new traders, we offer a Growth Program divided into Theory (LMS) and Practice. Start trading with our demo account to qualify for a live trading account.

Get funded trading Stocks, Futures and Forex. Qualified traders can start trading with: $50K for NYSE (AMEX), NASDAQ, Toronto Stock Exchange, Chicago Stock Exchange, Bovespa, and all the other American Markets and $400K for the Forex Market. Successful traders stand to qualify for substantially higher limits.


Lower fees, higher profits. Take advantage of our trading volumes. Get the best trading fees in the world. We avoid high trading costs by relying on a large number of Traders and Best Brokers. We have over 3,500 traders with direct-access to dozens of international stock markets. 

Our profit-sharing system is a win-win business relationship, that lets you trade the markets with our training, trading capital, technology and support.

Thousands of traders, businessmen, recent graduates, entrepreneurs, and ordinary individuals in the world rely on our method to make money with Day Trading. With offices in Canada, China, Russia, India, Australia, Brazil, the U.K., and many other countries and depend on us to help you become a profitable trader.

Trade 50+ global markets our proprietary Trading Software™. Get access to Demo and Live accounts in office or remotely.

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